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All businesses have specific computer and network concerns. Some of the questions faced with include how to measure the return and profit on IT investments, as well as how to analyze and understand the control of costs and how technology can benefit their business operations.

Isigidi-IT can give practical answers to those and other IT related questions, as well as providing professional Remote Desktop support. Remote Desktop support involves installing a piece of specialized software in a client’s computer, which enables our desktop support staff to take remote control of the machine and assist our clients from our offices.

With this remote access, we help you with your computer related queries – such as fixing software problems, adding printers or network paths, and showing how to do complex tasks in different software applications – as though we were sitting on-site.

Remote Desktop support is a time and cost efficient way of working, as clients no longer require one of our IT specialists to come to their office. This reduction in costs translates directly into ongoing management benefits including advanced reporting on most common errors, identifying training requirements and analysis of user abilities.

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